Do you deliver and set up?

  • ABSOLUTELY! Southeast Texas Party Rentals courteous drivers will deliver and set up each unit and insure that it is clean and in good working condition before your party starts and the driver will come back to take it down after the rental time is over. Set up normally takes about 10-15 minutes, and take down is about 15 – 20 minutes. This service is included in your rental cost (as long as you are in our regular delivery area).

How long do you get the rental for?

  • Southeast Texas Party Rentals are for a FULL DAY RENTAL. We consider a full day 8 hours of use. Setup and teardown times are scheduled in addition to the 8 hours. Latest pickup times coordinate with sunset and vary by the time of year. You may purchase an OVERNIGHT RENTAL and have it until the next morning if your event is going later than our latest pickup time. Additional cost applies to overnight rentals.

How much space do I need for a water slide?

  • You should have an area that is five feet larger than the unit. If your unit is 15 X 14, you should have 20 X 19. This extra space will help in adding a safety buffer. Also take note of the height of the unit. If you have tree limbs or overhead phone lines, make sure they are above the unit height. If you need to know exact measurements, click on the unit and the measurements are provided for you in LxWxH.

Can we see a copy of your contract and safety rules?

  • Yes. All renters will be provided safety rules and a copy of their rental agreement by the delivery team. You may review a sample contract here.

What payments do you take?

  • Southeast Texas Party Rentals accepts all major credit cards or cash. Payment can be made online at time of reservation or with cash or card on delivery date. SETXPR also requires a CREDIT CARD BE ON FILE at time of reservatoin as a security deposit.

    If you are paying cash please have the exact cash amount for the balance due since our drivers do not carry change.

How far away from the electrical outlet can you set up?

  • 100 feet is the maximum distance allowable between the inflatable and the source of electrical power. Here’s why, the longer the distance the greater the loss of power. Even with the heavy duty commercial grade extension cords we use, the voltage drop over 100 feet is significant. The fan motor which keeps the inflatable full of air requires a set amount of voltage at all times. When an excessive amount of cords are run, the voltage drops causing the fan motor to run slower and hotter. This can result in 1) tripped circuit breakers and/or fire 2) fan motor failure.
    Note** Southeast Texas Party Rentals will only provide one 50 foot extension cord. Addional cords must be provided by the rentee.

Will the Inflatable harm my lawn?

  • We cannot guarantee that the use of an inflatable will not have an effect on your lawn. Due to the weight of the piece and depending on the length of time the inflatable is in use and weather conditions that day, flattened grass is common but not permanent. During the heat of the summer, it is not uncommon to see burned blades of grass a few days after the inflatable has been removed. The grass typically recovers within a week.

What If the rental gets damaged?

  • Our inflatables are very durable and will hold up well under normal use. The customer however, is responsible for any damage to the Inflatable caused by but not limited to; overloading or allowing individuals in excess of weight limits on or in the inflatable, silly string, face paint, gum, food or drink, dirt, shoes, or punctures caused by sharp objects such as jewelry, buttons with pins, etc… Damage charges will be based upon the cost to repair plus any lost business. In addition, if any inflatable, not designated for wet use is found wet at pick up time (for other than weather related causes) the customer will be charged for set up, drying, and re-rolling expenses at a rate $50. You will be notified of these additional charges at the time of pick up.

Do you offer any discounts?

  • Yes. Please subscribe to our 'Get promotions and event news' at the bottom of the page to stay up to date on our current specials. If you are planning a large event where multiple items are needed we can work with you on special pricing for those types of events as well.

What is your rain / bad weather policy?

  • We understand that weather can change quickly, and since we do not claim to be able to predict the weather or have any control over weather, we utilize the following NO HASSLE Weather Policy: During periods of severe weather conditions (i.e. rain, high winds, etc.), for safety reason we reserve the right to cancel your reservations. On the day of your rental, if weather conditions are predicted to be adverse, we may give you the option of accepting delivery or not. Read complete rain policy here.

We’ve rented some dirty jumpers from other companies in the past. Are they always that dirty?

  • No. We take great pride in delivering you a safe and clean rental, our jumpers are safety inspected and cleaned before and after each rental period. We only use manufacture approved medical grade cleaning solutions to clean and sanitize or products.

How do I prepare for my rental?

  • You can read our safety & delivery instructions here.

When do you set up?

  • That depends on how many rentals we have that day. Generally, we arrive 1-3 hours before the rental time begins. If we have a lot of rentals scheduled that day, we may need to set up as early as 4 hours in advance. We will always call you the day before to confirm the delivery time and that someone will be at the party location.

Do you deliver to a park?

  • Yes. You can get more information about park deliveries here.

Does the standard 8 hour rental time include your set up time?

  • No. You are guaranteed a full 8 hours of inflatable fun!

What if we need to cancel?

  • You can read our cancelation policy here.

Do you anchor your equipment?

  • Yes! It is very important that all items are anchored. The anchors are hammered into the ground. It is your responsibility to mark your yard if you have anything underground that could be damaged from the anchors. We also offer sandbags for those who are setting up on concrete.